Find a scientist in yourself

or an effort to increase interest in science already at primary school pupils. Science popularization project

In recent years, we faced with the problem of gaining the best Slovak students for doctoral study. Dr. Nosko of our institute feels that the roots of the problem go back up to attracting interest of primary schools children.

In 2017, he enthused also colleagues from several other SAS institutes (Polymer institute SAS, Institute for heart research SAS and Institute of chemistry SAS) and the project of pupil excursions was born.

The project is intended as a supplement to education for pupils from 5th to 9th year-class of primary schools linked to standard subjects such as chemistry, biology and technology education.
In addition to new theoretical knowledge, pupils get practical experience with interesting obsevations in laboratories in the institutes.

2019 - The four april´s wednesdays belonged to the sixth grade pupils in the Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics
2018 - The children once again became real scientists for one day
2017 - The beginning