Doctoral study

Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics is an external educational institution (see note below) for doctoral (PhD) study in study programme:

Graduates can apply for PhD study. Foreign university diplomas must be recognized by Slovak authority as equivalent to diplomas of Slovak second degree of university education (master degree).
The study has the full-time form (duration 4 years) or an external form (duration 5 years).
A condition for admission is an entrance exam consisting of professional and theoretical dispute on the topic of dissertation thesis and written test in a foreign language.
During the full-time study, doctoral student has a scholarship on the pay level of the university graduate at starting position in state service.
We can provide accommodation for full-time doctoral students.

Doctoral study admission procedure 2019/2020 (closed)

According to Slovak legislation, PhD study in Slovakia may be provided by universities, only. Research institutions may participate on PhD study programmes of universities as external educational institutions. PhD study programmes consist of study and scientific parts. When a research institution participates on a study programme of a university, the complete scientific part of the study programme is performed in the research institution. The research institution must be accredited for participation on a study programme by Ministry of Education.